If your business goes on holiday….

If your business goes on holiday.... 1

At the end of the year, offices often become near-ghost towns, with a significant percentage of employees taking time off to visit relatives or just enjoy the holidays. The trick is to make sure there’s at least a skeleton crew on hand, and it’s a good idea to work out the details early. Imagine what would happen if an American company neglected to plan for the Muslim holiday Eid, and as a result, one guy gets stuck handling calls that a workforce of perhaps 20 people would usually field.

Try to head off this sort of situation by perhaps distributing a calendar of what days the business will close. Then folks can step forward if they feel something’s been overlooked and want the day off.
Also, when it comes to asking days off, small business owners can suggest that people submit their requests a certain number of days or weeks in advance.

One more problem may arise if folks just call in. Any poor saps who are scheduled to work Christmas morning may decide they won’t be fired for getting “sick” a single day, for example, and stay home. So it might be wise to establish some sort of incentive for working on a holiday.

Still, hopefully just planning everything out in advance will go a long ways toward making sure a small business can operate smoothly around the holidays.

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