Returning from a Long Trip

After a long vacation in Europe, I’m glad to be back at the Sandy Springs Georgia apartments. Going through the different European counties was an experience that I probably won’t be able to do for a while because of how little time I have, but I’m glad I was able to do it. I met a lot of new people along the way and we partied a lot. It’s a good thing that I’m still young enough to have the energy to keep up with the Europeans, because they can go all night without skipping a beat.

They have some amazing cuisine in Europe, and I loved every minute of eating it. I think Italy and France are tied for having the best cuisine, but the other countries are no slouch in the food department. There are some local chefs here in Georgia that can create cuisine similar to what I ate in Europe, but it’s not the same as actually being there. There just something about the food and the atmosphere that makes everything a complete package. Continue reading “Returning from a Long Trip”

The Case for Micro Captives

You’ve heard of captive insurance companies before. Or, you at least have a sense of what they are. From what you understand, they are much better than the big commercial firms other businesses use.

And that’s true because a captive is run by the policyholders. They have direct say on the programs offered and the premiums set. In addition, they are also investors in the captive. Therefore, they receive dividends at the end of each quarter.

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Focus on Office Furniture

Many businesses are so focused on opening their doors that they don’t take the time to focus on office furniture. This can be a mistake.

You want the furniture to make sense for the space that you have, fit within your budget, and ensure everyone has what they need, including chairs for clients or those who may be waiting to meet with you.

There are some tips to help you focus on furniture.

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How to Open Your First Convenience Store

Convenience stores and similar markets dot America’s landscape. They serve city dwellers, suburbanites and highway drivers.

With good sense and persistence, you can profitably open a convenience store.

Consider Your Niche

Think about the type of convenience store you want to open. You could become a franchisee, or you could open a sole-proprietorship. Whether you decide to be independent or not, you could opt for an urban setup, or you might open in a rural locale.

Research places that need a reliable convenience store. From those areas, choose where you would most like to own your business.

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3 Benefits a Staffing Agency Offers Employers

When you are searching for temporary workers or temporary workers that you would eventually like to hire, partnering with a staffing agency offers several benefits.

Staffing companies toronto, for example, complete most of the leg work for you. They screen workers, ensure all their paperwork is complete and valid.

Here are three benefits working with a staffing agency offers employers.

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