Switch To Truck Driving And Get Paid Well

Americans have always had a fascination with big trucks. From childhood Tonka toy to Monster Truck rallies, there is nothing like the power of a revved up engine and vehicle that can take anything you throw at it. What many fail to realize is that you can be that person in charge behind the wheel and earn a good salary doing it. Long haul drivers have the capacity to earn big bucks while living out some of those youthful dreams of a big truck on the open road.

Why Become a Driver?

Given the state of our uncertain economy where few jobs can be considered safe, securing a career as a truck driver can prove to be both lucrative and stable. Don’t get me wrong, driving has its challenges. For one, you are often on the road, which means less time spent with your family. Secondly, you don’t work the normal 8 – 5 shift, which is great for those of us who get tired of a routine, but tough on people who want that structure and lifestyle. And lastly, truck driving is a tough job that requires skill and focus because your life is on the line every time you take to the road.

As with any other profession, the primary goal in getting a job is to earn. For many potential drivers, this is the only equation that matters. Before we delve into the exact figures, it pays to first understand that the trucking industry rakes in close to $ 300 billion in profits per year. Our economy can’t grow without trucks on the road moving goods across the country, which is why well trained drivers are in demand.

What Can You Earn?

While we can safely say that any truck driver can earn roughly $ 45,000 a year, there are still a number of other variables that can propel your income forward.

Company: the amount of money you take home also depends on the financial standing or capability of your company. On average, most trucking companies shell out roughly $ 15 per hour, while those who drive longer distances are paid by the mile.

Experience Needed

Generally, a newbie can take home anywhere from $ 30,000 – $ 45,000 a year while the veterans of the road with more experienced earn as much as $ 100,000 per year. As per recent statistics, truck drivers with less than 1 year experience are paid anywhere from $ 14 – $ 14.50 per hour while those with 1 – 4 years of driving experience can ask for $ 15 per hour. Drivers who have gained the necessary expertise and licenses can also work overseas which can mean more substantial pay as you temporarily work in another country. By taking on overseas truck operator jobs, the hiring company shall also shoulder all the necessary expenses for licensing and relocation. Naturally, the more experience you have, the better the pay.

Benefits Packages

Apart from the regular pay, driver benefits are also included to help bring in more applicants. This includes health insurance coverage, remuneration packages, and retirement options.

With the United States receiving over 9 billion tons of shipments that need delivery to each of our communities each year, it comes as no surprise that long and short haul drivers, literally and figuratively, move the country. As a truck driver, you do not just work for yourself and your family because your profession plays an integral role in keeping the economy running.

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Just How Much Money Do Paid Parking Lots Make?

Do you ever walk past a parking lot loaded with parked cars that had to pay to park their cars there? Did you ever find yourself counting the cars and looking for the price to park in that lot? These people have to be getting rich just by letting you park in their lot for one day!

Let’s do the math then: If you have space in your parking lot that can hold two hundred cars and you charge every car ten dollars a day to park in the lot that is $2,000 per day! If you stay open seven days a week that is $14,000 a week! Why aren’t we opening a parking lot?

What sort of expenses are you going to have? You’ll have to pay the parking attendant eight or nine dollars per hour and then you have to pay taxes on that lot, most likely you’ll need insurance as well. Maybe you’ll want a small house for your attendant to sit in on cold or hot days so that’s going to cost you a little bit but it’s only a one time deal and then the electricity in the house for the attendant because we have to make him happy so let’s knock off $5,000 a month. You are still going to be ahead because monthly you’re going to be making $48,000.

You are going to need to find a parking lot in an area that needs a parking lot so you are sure you are going to bring in all this traffic. Find yourself a parking lot, call an asphalt paving company and let them put asphalt down and give your parking lot a nice clean look. You can have the asphalt pavers come every six months or every year, depending on how clean you wish to make your parking lot and having them repave it for you.

If you are lucky enough to find a parking lot in New York City you’d be a multi millionaire in no time. Do look near trains or bus stations because you will get the traffic of the people that don’t wish to drive their car into work and want a safe place to park it all day so they’d pay you to keep their car safe from harm.

With all this money you are bringing in you are going to be able to open a few more parking lots so always listen for any parking lots that are in a good location and are for sale. Parking lots are money making deals. Once you get your flow of traffic come in, and you are turning customers away from your parking lot, it is going to be time to up your price on the parking spaces. You will see that everyone is going to be willing to pay your price just for peace of mind as to where they parked their car for the day. Don’t go over board on raising the prices but make it a slow process. Everyone will pay.

About the author: Alex is a finacial blogger and writer. To learn more about paid parking lots and the Utah asphalt paving company making them please visit utahasphalt.com

Know About Freight Brokers Insurance

These days, freight insurance are incredibly growing in a higher pace and this has relieved the stress of almost every freight broker and their shipper clients. The demanding expenses of freight shipping can be easily met with the best support of a freight brokers insurance. When considering about freight insurance, a freight brokers insurance plan is the first thing plan you must consider. To avoid your cargo items loss or even damage, you need to mention your terms and conditions of cargo freight so that clients know how you handle their items and what responsibility you have for them. The very first is from the cargo freight packaging because improper packaging could damage the cargo item.

Freight insurance are categorized into various different types. This loan is increasingly familiar, as they dramatically cut-shorts the tax of the borrower. The major advantage of freight insurance is they could be efficiently consolidated. Brokers can greatly contract their every month expense on availing freight insurance. Generally, freight insurance n is a kind of refinancing program that is definite and fixed. These plans will not merely help in repayment, but serves you better by giving long-term benefits.

How Much Do Airplane Pilots Make?

Being the pilot of an airplane means that their can be many lives within your hands or it could mean there are millions of dollars of equipment in your hands. However the pay scale for pilots is all over the place. Pilots for regional airlines are basically working for experience in order to get the big jobs on major airlines. These Airlines want their pilots to take the job very seriously to avoid any conflict or injuries. Also, there are many new technologies to help the pilot fly the plane and autopilot is used on most commercial flights during the flight and during landing.

Jetstar pilots in A320 flight deck
Regional airline pilots start at an average salary of around $20,000. This salary is very low compared to the average salary of workers but these pilots do it so they have the resume to possible become a captain of a major airline one day. These pilots are working around 72 hours at the control of an airplane every month. However, there are many more hours put into other parts of the job and also many hours of waiting to fly. This is where many of the worlds pilots start their careers and start climbing the corporate ladder. They might even have to do their own pilot luggage but it is worth it in the end.

When it comes to the major airlines the pay is much higher than regional. The starting pay is $36,283 and this number will only get higher as there career gets longer. First year salaries at successful airlines can reach up to $50,000 at Southwest Airlines but they can also be as low as $21,600 a year at US Airways. These pilots have not reached anywhere near the pinnacle yet and the dream job of being a captain and not having to deal with even their pilot bags.

The captains salary of a major airline is on average $165,278. This ranges from the captains of Jetblue that make $123,480 to the captains of Southwest that make on average $181,270 a year. This is a huge range that can depend on the captain’s experience and the success of the certain airline. There are many different expenses to deal with when it comes to an airline including gas, flight bags, attendants, and repairs so they have to budget well. If the company is doing well then they will reward their captains so that they will stay loyal and keep doing a fantastic job to keep everyone safe.

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