What Are Warehouse Services? Benefits & Costs To Your Business

A warehouse is exactly what you think it is — a place to store inventory. Any goods purchased from manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, or customs will be stored here first before being shipped to another location for fulfillment. Quite a number of industries take advantage of warehouse services in order to run their business efficiently and seamlessly.

In practice, a warehouse service is much more than that. Let us take a closer look on why many companies utilize warehouse services as their systematic logistic management.

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The Case for Micro Captives

You’ve heard of captive insurance companies before. Or, you at least have a sense of what they are. From what you understand, they are much better than the big commercial firms other businesses use.

And that’s true because a captive is run by the policyholders. They have direct say on the programs offered and the premiums set. In addition, they are also investors in the captive. Therefore, they receive dividends at the end of each quarter.

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Acquiring an Alcohol License in Texas

If you plan on serving alcohol at all in Dallas, you are required to obtain an alcohol license in Dallas TX. The state department that oversees the alcohol license process in Texas is the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC).

Each year, this department issues about 1,000 alcohol certifications across the state. It is not difficult to obtain an alcohol license in Dallas TX, but knowing what to expect never hurt anybody.

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