Poster Printing For Business Marketing

Poster printing for business

One of the main marketing tools available to businesses is posters, and these offer a cheap and effective way to advertise products and services, and also special events such as product launches, sales and other promotions. There are a plenty of printers that offer Print Hound Production House cheap printing services for those customers who already have a poster design ready to start printing straight away, but if you need to start your poster project from scratch then you will need to look for a service with call center management that can provide you with full pre-production features. Other considerations you may need to make include what type of paper and quality finish you need, as some of the cheaper services may not be able to offer you ‘museum quality’ printing if you need it.

Online vs. Offline

There are plenty of traditional offline printers to choose from, and typically these offer full services which can take you from the concept stage right through to printing, packaging and distribution. These tend to be quite expensive, but the main benefit is that you will be able to interact closely with the printers at every stage of your poster project, and all of the design and proof reading will be carried out for you. This means if there are any mistakes in the final product the printer will be responsible and you should be able to get your money back or have the print run again with amendments.

Online printers can also offer full printing services from concept through to distribution, but more commonly these days is a cheaper online option which allows the customer to take care of the concept and design stages themselves. This cuts down on costs for the customer, but does mean that they will be responsible for proof reading the poster and so if there are any mistakes the printer will not be obliged to provide a refund or print re-run.

Offset vs. Digital

There have been some great advances in printing technology, and digital printing allows much more flexibility when it comes to submitting designs and adjusting them to suit new parameters. With digital printing you can send the printers an electronic file with your poster design on or submit a design through their website. They can then print this for you very quickly, in some cases with 24hr and 48hr turnaround times. This fast form of digital printing is ideal if you have tight deadlines, but can be subject to pixilation and color bleeding, which can cause slight blurring on the text and images. Offset printing is slower and more expensive, but this method allows much more attention to detail and also offers additional features such as embossing and glittering. Offset printing is also less likely to blur than digital printing and can be used to print ‘museum quality’ posters.


When you choose a poster printing service you will need to double check they can offer you the materials, dimensions and quantities you require, and in general the bigger companies can offer the most adaptable printing capabilities. This is very important if you have any special materials or dimensions in mind, as some printers may not be able to offer you the scope of abilities you need.

Solid Ways To Reduce Home Office Costs

Solid Ways to Reduce Home Office Costs

In an increasingly competitive business arena, one of the major challenges facing small business owners is how to effectively manage operating costs. While certain expenditures remain fixed, many variable costs, such as those incurred in running a home office, are often overlooked. By implementing these seven proven ways to reduce home office costs, small business owners can free up extra funds and put them to more effective use.

1. Be aware of business climates: Almost anywhere you live your home and home office will be subject to seasonal climate changes that can lead to extra costs in terms of heating and air conditioning. If you are spending a goodly amount of time in your home office and are not meeting face-to-face with clients, you should set the thermostat on savings mode and dress according to the climate, i.e. layering clothes and wearing sweaters in the winter months and lighter loose fitting clothes in the summer. If you face extremes in either winter or summer consider a space heater or window AC unit to control the climate in your office rather than the entire house.

2. Choose a dedicated “get-it-done” day: As a natural result of running your business from home there will be times when you need to leave your office to run business related errands. Being that running errands on a daily basis can cut into your productivity, you’ll save time and money by designating one day of the week errand day. To make the day more productive you’ll want to keep a running to-do list, prioritizing your errands and creating the most efficient route to save on time and gas money.

3. Shop smart for office supplies: While stocking up on supplies ahead at the big box store might seem to be the most cost-effective way to shop, patronizing office supply stores such as Staples and Home Depot can give you extra advantages. For one thing, they offer rewards cards and programs which can give you additional savings through rebates, coupons and special notification for upcoming sales. An added benefit is that these stores are now offering small credit lines to small businesses which can improve cash flow and help you establish business credit which could come in handy down the road.

4. Print less: To print or not to print. With a touch of a button any document can be delivered almost instantly at your fingertips, in black and white or full color. But the question is, does that document really need to be printed on a page of paper, which is no longer cheap, to do the job? If the document in question is just for research, when you’re done with it flip it over and print on the flip side and you’ll have cut printing costs by ½. Even when it seems like printing is the only option, resist the urge and try to make the document work anyway. This habit alone can save you big time on toner and paper. Should you need to send documents to clients for approval or signatures, sending them electronically eliminates both postage and faxing costs, which can really mount up quickly.

5. Make your own scratch pads: While scraps of paper can make for some awesome paper airplanes, they also make excellent scratch pads. Just cut them into quarters and you’ve created the poor man’s Post-It for leaving notes or messages. Staple a stack of these together or fasten them with reusable paper clips and you’ll be surprised at how much money you can save.

6. Green your office: Another money saving strategy is to buy energy saving items and equipment. If you find yourself performing multiple tasks such as scanning documents, making copies and sending faxes, consider buying an all-in-one machine as they are usually less expensive, take up less space and perform needed tasks as well if not better than their stand-alone counterparts. You can also save money by using recycled ink and toner cartridges. Also, If you are using a landline in your home office you can save money by using your cell phone for making and receiving business calls. You can save even more by using Skype or a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone service to make local, long distance or even international calls. Be sure to shop these services as they can vary in price and quality.

7. Go virtual: At some point as your business grows you may need extra help to service your client base or perform specialized tasks that are beyond your abilities. Hiring virtual assistants is an approach you should seriously consider. Being that you can hire help on an as needed basis and, due to the current job shortage, you will be able to find qualified people to assist you at very reasonable rates. If you have a legal matter, such as the need for legal contractual agreements or other specialized documents, consider hiring a virtual lawyer on a job by job basis, as opposed to incurring the expense of keeping a traditional brick and mortar lawyer on retainer.

Balancing Cost And Quality For Business Printing

When you are planning your budget for your business stationary you will need to balance cost and quality carefully. Businesses of all sizes may find it difficult allocating large funds towards business stationary and so will be on the look out for cheap printing services and good deals. However it is also important that your business stationary is professional and eye-catching and so the quality of the printing is also an important issue.

Balancing cost and quality is a difficult task and you will need to do your research to ensure that you can meet the demands of both your budget and your business stationary needs.


Once you have submitted your design to your printers you will not really know how it will turn out until you receive the finished product. This is why it is important to request samples of previous work and ask for recommendations, as this will help you determine whether or not the finished product will be to the standard you require. Samples provide you with a way to check the quality of the finish print and help you to understand which materials and print techniques will be suitable for both your budget and your business requirements.

You do need to check with the printer before you place your order whether they can meet the capacity of printing you are requesting. This is particularly important for large, bulk mail outs and stationary which will need ongoing re-prints. You may get some good discounts for bulk and re-print orders as this will bring a lot of work to the printer you are using.

Turnaround Time

You can save money by ordering your business stationary well in advance. You will pay more in most cases if you need your printing job turned around quickly, so it is best to allow plenty of time.


Print material can have a significant impact on the quality and costs of your order. By opting for standard print inks and papers (such as 130gsm) you can save money as the printer can include your job as part of a larger bulk print-run. If you want unusual materials or finishes then the printer may have to run your print as a bespoke order and this will cost much more.

When you are ordering your business stationary you do need to consider a number of factors which can affect the cost and quality of the job. By researching the various materials and print techniques available you can save money and still ensure that the quality of your printing is to your requirements.