Customer service with Zoho Help Desk

More companies today are using the Internet to stay in communication with their customers. This is particularly important for any business that provides a service or customer support to their customers. One great tool to implement for this need is to use an online help desk to stay in touch. More people are comfortable with the Internet and like the ease it provides them to communicate with companies regarding their goods and services. An online help desk can fulfill this easily. One such help desk to consider is the Zoho Help Desk solution. Continue reading “Customer service with Zoho Help Desk”

WordPress hosting for your business

WordPress Hosting

WordPress comes in two forms, hosted and self-hosted, and if you will be using it for a business site then the option you need is the self-hosted version. This means you need to find a web hosting company to run it on as doing it this way offers you endless flexibility with the software. So how do you go about finding WordPress hosting that is good enough to use for a business?

If you search the internet for ‘WordPress hosting’ you will get pages and pages of hosting companies offering you the world if you use them such as on this page from Dmitry Nekrasov – WordPress Hosting, but in order to get the best value for money follow this checklist:

Customer Support – Check numerous sites for reviews on how good is customer support. It is no good if your site goes down at 2am in the country it is hosted and no one is there. You need a real person to respond within an hour of any problems surfacing.

Hosting Country – Not many people consider this as they usually go with the country they live in, however if your site is for the world market then it does not matter where you host it, and you may get a much better deal in Canada, Singapore, and numerous other countries. If your site is gambling related it is usually best avoiding US hosting and going with the UK due to local laws.

Control Panel – This is also very important, some hosts use bespoke CP’s and they can be pretty useless, you should be looking for one with CPanel or Plesk, with the former being the most powerful.

Shared/VPS/Dedicated – These days dedicated is for really big sites, while shared is for personal sites, so you are best going with a VPS system that allows you to easily upgrade the system resources such as memory, storage capacity, bandwidth and number of CPU’s.

All hosting control panels allow easy install and management for WordPress hosting, and using WordPress itself is very easy to do, so now you have no reason not to have a web site for your business.

Online tutoring to help increase student confidence

Students studying

Internet tutoring services is a new technology for education today. This innovation is ready to help students anytime and anywhere. This service use smart technology of the World Wide Web. Tutoring online is able to dispel students’ fear of asking questions to clear even the most introductory concepts. Some pupils feel unconfident to ask questions in order to avoid being mocked by their class fellows, as they think that the question that they have is too easy but they can’t understand. It amounts to be different if they’re on tutoring online. With a live tutor, they can in private ask questions and have their concepts solved, even from the comforts of their own home.

There are some websites may have differences and similarities online tutoring services. That is why you have to choose the right site that offers online tutoring services as you need. is the right site that offers online tutoring services. At this site, you will be able to find many highly certified online tutors. Those tutors could aid you in ascertaining any subject advantageously. Some subjects that you will be able to easily learn apart from Chemistry lessons at are English, Biology, Physics, Writing, and many more. Their online tutors will also help students with their homework assignments. By adopting online tutoring, you could save your money and time, since you will merely be required to attend online classes. You will only require to have an internet connection if you want to take online tutoring. There are many students like taking online tutoring because it does not make them become bored. Check it out today, you will certainly not regret it!