Customer service with Zoho Help Desk

More companies today are using the Internet to stay in communication with their customers. This is particularly important for any business that provides a service or customer support to their customers. One great tool to implement for this need is to use an online help desk to stay in touch. More people are comfortable with the Internet and like the ease it provides them to communicate with companies regarding their goods and services. An online help desk can fulfill this easily. One such help desk to consider is the Zoho Help Desk solution. Continue reading “Customer service with Zoho Help Desk”

Legal translation service: the safest way to do business

Legal translation service

Do you work in an area that has a high number of those who speak a language other than English? Like with any business, the best practice is to keep everything in writing. All interactions between you and your clients, you and your employees, and you and your suppliers. A legal translation service may be an option for you. But how can you handle this situation if you and your clients, employees, or suppliers speak different languages?

In this day and age of the entire world being interconnected, simply doing business only with those who speak the same language as us, simply is not an option. To be competitive, all businesses must be open to working with a variety of suppliers who can, often, offer higher quality product at a lower cost.

Customers, or clients, too can not stand to be ignore based on language. Often, the product we make or sell will be more valued in an area far from our location. In this day and age, every commodity is International.

So how can we compete? How can our businesses remain relevant in this international, multi-lingual age?

One of the most important things to remember, is that while English may be the language of business, it may not always be the best language to do our business in, especially if our counterpart does not understand the intricacies of the language that are often included is business deals.

Word of mouth is not an option either. Simply having ourselves or others guess at the meaning of our contract is very dangerous. What benefits does a legal translation service offer?

A legal translation service is able to provide both you and your counterpart with a copy of your contract, in legally correct terms that would hold up in court, in languages you can both understand fully.

When making your next multi-lingual business deal, consider heavily the benefits of a legal translation service.

Trade show displays as part of your B2B marketing

Trade show displays as part of your B2B marketing 2

Despite everyone hearing the term “business-to-business marketing,” everyone does not know the exact meaning of it. If you are a member of the corporate world, it’s time you learnt what business-to-business marketing is. To put it simple, this marketing method is aimed at selling goods, products and services to other business to keep the companies running, such as offering table skirts and banner stands for trade show display services. Over the last 15 years, the term business-to-business marketing has emerged as a separate discipline. The most general business-to-business markets are goods produces, traders and everyone falling under this umbrella. Most of the running businesses come under the categories that make little money out off of a consumer base; yet, the majority of their capital is earned by money made off other businesses.

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