Keeping your small business clean on an environmental level

Small business owners have a lot to worry about from making ends meet to greeting the next customer through the door. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to overlook items that don’t have to do with the bottom line. The environment should also be a consideration, and a business must comply with industrial regulations. With a business attorney Orange County CA by your side, you can adjust the environmental impact of your workplace to adhere to all local laws.

Hazardous Waste Products

Evaluate your entire business structure to pinpoint any areas where hazardous waste is produced. A service bay at an oil change facility, for example, is an obvious case of hazardous waste production. You can create a workflow pattern to use, store and discard the waste properly and work with legal counsel to ensure compliance. There are often new regulations enacted each year, making it crucial to keep a business lawyer close to adjust any corporate policies regarding environmental issues.

Fire Safety

Those fire extinguishers hanging on the wall aren’t for decoration and will be inspected periodically by the fire department. Avoid any fees or fines by keeping up with extinguisher care. Some models require refills, while others need to be replaced. Ask your counsel to obtain regional fire extinguisher information regarding maintenance and troubleshooting features. When you have an official care timeline, all extinguishers will have all the upkeep necessary for compliance.

Permit Necessary?

Confer with your business’s legal department to identify any permits necessary for operation. If the business creates fumes, such as dry cleaning facilities, permits and inspections are often necessary. Permits reflect your business’s compliance with local environmental regulations. You can only produce a certain amount of pollutants that permeate the air near homes and schools.

On the Road

A company also has to be environmentally conscious on the road. Company vehicles require smog checks and weight limits. There are licenses, permits and fees required for certain company vehicles. Carrying hazardous materials on the vehicle also requires licensing to keep everyone safe on the road. Train your employees with the business lawyer present to cover license numbers and documentation locations.

Consult with a business lawyer to understand your rights and responsibilities based on the company’s industry. A clean workplace is possible without a huge investment.