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The start of a new year can be a great time for your home-based business. There are many ways that you can use this time of year to begin new growth and continue the rush of the holiday season. For many people, January is the time of year that they think about their lives. New Year’s resolutions are made and objectives are renewed for the new year. Many women in our society are unhappy in the corporate world and striving for a change, they run the home-based work world. What better time of the year than to present your home-based business opportunity as often as possible?

There are many ways to go about the task of increasing your business and recruitment. Take the time for the New Year begins to create a list of strategies that you can do for your name to be found. Also think about what small changes you can make to increase customer loyalty, repeat business and other business aspects such as this one. If your goal is to increase recruitment for business partners, consider finding a leads program in which to participate. Many times these programs can be home-based business interested asylum seekers who share your business opportunities. Look for a program that is appropriate for your company or beliefs. There are many different types of leads programs available on the Internet — do take the time to research for the one that suits you, your business and your budget the best.

An excellent tool for recruiting are sponsor competitions. You can do this online as well as in your area. This can be a “buzz” about your business and provide you with the names of people who are interested in your business opportunity. An “out of the box ‘way that I have heard of the race sponsorship idea is to be done Entry boxes in local women’s organizations fitness clubs or places that are suitable for your business. Use” Customer Care Cards” as the forms, so you can collect the name, address, telephone number and e-mail address of the person in your contest. follow-up with a phone call to each item. Some may be interested in hosting a party for you or in hearing about your business opportunity.

Maybe your goal this new year is not recruitment, but sales growth. Make a list of creative ways that you can encourage customers to their products. You can jumpstart sales this year by offering “After Christmas” specials, after purchase freebies, contests and more.

One way that many home-based business owners online neglect to take advantage of the signature line in e-mails and in places in the forums. This can be a great tool to advertise your company, specials and contests. I get a lot of e-mails from companies not affiliated with a signature line with their name, and she sometimes not even their names at the end of the e-mail! This is not only unprofessional, but makes it much more difficult to learn about their business. Any e-mail sent this way is a lost potential sales. The “freebie” is another big sales booster. Everyone (especially women) like something for nothing. Consider offering a small token thank you when a purchase is made. No matter how cheap the value of the “freebie” can be, it can still be a great incentive! It may also encourage customer loyalty and repeat business.

If you have an online business, reciprocal link is a great way to jumpstart a business. The more sites that link to yours, the more visitors your site receives. Link also helps you a higher place in search engine listings. Take the time to search for sites with similar content and request a link exchange. This is almost always a win-win situation for both sites.

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