Increasing customer mind share using business cards

Increasing customer mind share using business cards 1

After you have printed an eye catchy, elegant and an informative business card, what do you do next? One of the most important cost effective modes to network for your business and importantly you is using business cards. Don’t let them sit idle in the box. Shift them to the hands of your potential clients for Smith Lake Homes, for example. Think of the business card as a small street billboard of your company. You need to keep the cards in the sight of people, so that they have an impact when people think about the product that you sell.

Following are a few thoughts to channel you business cards energies.

1) Keep the cards in your bag, purse, and wallet and at the reception area of your front office:

Always keep some reserves in your car. It must be an important part of your daily routine when you leave home daily. Check for your business cards when you go out, along with checking your car keys and wallet. Never let them run out of stock. Keep replenishing it.

2) Keep the cards in a good holder and see to it that they are not bent:

Storing your cards in a stylish business card case has a better introduction when you give your cards out. For example, pass a few minutes reading the card closely before you put them away. You will be creating a bad impression when you mishandle their business cards. Print new cards when you change your contact address or phone numbers. It leaves a shabby impression when you write the new email address or telephone numbers by hand.

3) Put your business cards on notice boards at the local eateries, supermarkets and your kid’s schools:

Some hotels have a fish bowl asking you to drop your business cards for a prize. Don’t hesitate, immediately drop them in. You never know, someone important could see it and call you.

4) Use the cards as waste paper when you want to note down some info:

Instead of using a napkin, jotting down info to the back of your business card makes it look much more elegant. This action makes the customer feel significant.

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