Six easy ways to save money and potentially stop your business from going under

Six easy ways to save money and potentially stop your business from going under 1

When you start out with a new business you don’t exactly have money to throw away. Every cent counts. If something was to go wrong and you never had any money in reserve it could send your business into the ground. So not only do you have to be great in your particular field, but you have to know how to look after your finances. It’s almost as important as the business itself. There’s things you can do to spend money and we all like to do those, but it’s the things we can do to save money that matter the most. If you want to find out about some easy ways you can watch what you spend we can look at them now.

Try to buy bulk supplies

When you buy in bulk you will get a much better price than buying things as and when. The actual price could be quite considerable. You definitely don’t want to spend money you can’t afford, but if you know you will need the supplies and you have enough money you should definitely think about it. The main problem with buying in bulk is where you will store everything. If your office isn’t particularly big it could maybe cause some problems. But if you have an empty room out back it’s worth it.

Look for sales

A few times per year companies will have sales. This is your best time to buy anything you need. You’ll save even more money than buying in bulk. It’s always good to keep an eye out for when they will be on. Most places will have them at the same time every year. You just have to be smart and plan your stock so you begin to run out about the same time as the sale starts. But again, you’ll need somewhere to keep everything.

Go with second hand models

Computers and electronics change faster than the weather. We only just open up the box and another one is coming out. You’ll never be able to keep up when you’re starting out, so you might as well go for second-hand models. It’s not a vanity show here. Everything doesn’t need to be the best as long as it can do everything you want. The most important thing is keeping money in the business.

Don’t waste money on treats

You know what we’re all like. Always looking to treat ourselves to nice things. Don’t. It’s really that simple. Until your business is making a good profit you shouldn’t spend money on things you don’t need. I know that sounds obvious, but there’s something no-one realizes. People get a big win and they now think they have the money to spend. They still don’t and that’s what to be careful of. Guarantee the money will keep coming in before you spend.

Look for free software

Software programs cost a lot of money and you don’t actually need to pay it. There will always be some kind of software that has most of the same capabilities that you can pick up for free. I suppose you just have to look around and see what’s available. I already know that this could save you thousands per month, which is money you can’t waste in the beginning.

Check your bills

Every so often you should take all your bills and look over them carefully. It’s easy to carry on spending the same money each month because you’re too lazy to see where you can make savings. There will always be little things you can spot if you look hard enough. All these little cost saving measures will add up to a pretty nice chunk of change.

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