Breaking into the security industry

Breaking into the security industry 1

It is a known fact that most people go through at least 2 major career changes in their lifetime. That is partly because of new corporate structures that often eliminate middle management, and there for promotions. Another factor, however, is that many people just want a change. Gone are the days when 80% of workers plan to retire at the company they start with. They usually hope, sometime in the future, to pursue another path. The security industry is often one of these choices.

The security industry is also popular with young people – especially men – who have a sense of adventure. The idea that you could be in charge of security in some remote area appeals to many people. But, how can you break into the security industry?


Your first move is to find out exactly what branch of the security industry is best for you. Some people –especially night owls – like the idea of being a night watchman. It pays more than minimum wage because of the hours, and you can choose jobs that aren’t necessarily overly dangerous. Usually, to become a night watchman or mall policeman, you’ll find local training. If you have an employer already lined up, they may even pay for you to attend training.

Others want more adventure in their lives, and pursue more high profile work. For instance, your interest may be in the field of management. This is not the typical management position in which you’re responsible for making sure the floor is swept and delegating bathroom cleanup. Security managers coordinate, evaluate, and delegate personnel and their weapons for the protection of the client.

Close protection is another job you can pursue in security. This will also require its own unique form of training. Usually, you’ll find a job as a bodyguard for a celebrity, just pushing a path through onlookers. However, close protection in a hostile environment is more militaristic, and pays about five times more. It pays more because you could get killed.

IT security is right up some people’s alley. With this career, you get paid to hack into your clients’ databases. How fun is that?


So, how do you get to the security job you want? Well, first you have to get training. While local security jobs usually train locally (within 30 to 50 miles), the jobs that require military-type training may require you to travel for your education. It’s almost a “join the Navy, see the world” type of thing.

In fact, much of the security industry is manned by ex-policemen and former military who have already experienced the physical and psychological stress of handling weapons and being physically fit.

In Australia and several other countries including the UK, you will need to gain a license to do certain types of security work.
There are security careers websites that will allow you to get the training you require and also put you into the industry.

Once you get the training, you are ready to get a job. But, how do you do that? You can begin your search with online recruitment websites, you may also have your instructor recommend you. That’s actually how most security jobs are handled – through personal recommendation. So, if you do well with your training, you can usually write your own ticket.

About the author: Fred Burns is currently working for one of the UK’s leading websites for security training and ex-forces career enhancement. In his spare time he enjoys writing and helping others strive for success.