6 guaranteed ways to fail as an online entrepreneur

6 guaranteed ways to fail as an online entrepreneur 1

The road to riches doesn’t come easy for most people. It takes a lot of work to start your own business and live off your income. But the goal of an entrepreneur is to make more than enough to survive. They want to keep growing until the business becomes huge. Provide the world with something it’s never seen before. There are things you can do to help achieve your dreams, and there’s definitely things you can do to mess your chances up. Here’s 6 ways to make sure you fail as an online entrepreneur.

Don’t listen to customers

Who cares what your customer wants? Not you. The only person that knows what is best for them is you. If they ask you to build a certain product you should only do it if you were going to anyway. If not, you should definitely press ahead with what you had in mind. It’s your dream to be an entrepreneur. That means you don’t want to waste your time giving people what they want. They will still buy whatever you are selling.

Treat them like crap

Who do they think they are disturbing you with their questions? It’s just plain rude. Email people back whenever you want. The longer you leave it the better. Let them sweat a little. That will teach them for wanting help. If you speak to them on the phone you don’t want to seem nice. You’re not here to be nice. Only to make money. The only person you should have a good relationship with is your bank manager.

Keep them guessing

Don’t always speak about the same things and definitely don’t sell the same line of products. You want them to keep guessing as much as possible. It’s all just a big game anyway. They will enjoy it much more if they don’t know what to expect. The last thing you want to do is have a schedule. That means people know what you’re up to. They can spy on you. That’s weird. Stay as secretive as possible.

Who cares about what you write?

You know what you want to tell them. Write it any way you feel like it. It’s not as if you are still in college. Why should you care about spelling and grammar. Unless they are completely stupid they will be able to work out what you want to say. If they can’t then do you really want them as customers? They’ll probably just ask for a refund anyway. If you try to write properly you won’t be able to go as fast. You should be on the beach. Not typing.

Lie about your products

How can you expect to become a millionaire if you tell the truth? You’ll make a lot less sales. Just fill your sales page with as much made-up crap as you want. You can even do it with your product. Who cares if it doesn’t look like what you said? Information doesn’t need to be correct. By the time they find out it’s lies it will be too late to get a refund. Even if they do, most people won’t bother.

Spread rumors about your competitors

It’s a dangerous world out there. Everyone has to look after themselves. Your competitors are mortal enemies. The only way you can bring them down to size is by chopping them with an axe. Find out who their friends are and spread nasty rumors about them. Leave horrible comments on their website. Try your best to burn them into the ground. Then send them a message telling them it was you and laugh at them.

About the author: John Spooner is a remarkable Entrepreneur; best known for his leadership work. He loves sharing tips about business improvisation and growth with the help of his blog.