10 fire prevention tips for your workplace

10 fire prevention tips for your workplace 1

A fire can be one the most devastating things that could happen to your business and can put many people’s lives at risk. It is important that you do everything you can to prevent a fire from starting at your workplace. Preventing a fire from happening isn’t just up to the manager in a workplace, it is everyone’s responsibility to be wary of the risks and help prevent a fire from breaking out.

1) Always keep the workplace clutter free.  It is essential that emergency exits are always easy to get to and not obstructed.

2) Use and store chemicals safely. Ensure all flammable liquids are stored in a safe and secure area, away from any chance of ignition.

3) Ensure that all employees in the workplace know the fire safety rules and procedures and know how to use a fire extinguisher efficiently.

4) You should regularly check electrical appliances for any frayed or faulty wiring. If you do come across any, you should get a qualified electrician to come and fix it and do not attempt to fix it yourself.

5) Ensure that no smoking takes place inside the workplace and have a safe designated area outside the building where employees and visitors can smoke.

6) Ensure the building has smoke alarms installed. You must regularly check them to make sure that they are always working so that if a fire does break out, employees and visitors are alerted to evacuate the building.

7) Ensure the correct fire protection is in place in the workplace such as sprinklers systems or fire and blast protection, to prevent fire spreading rapidly and getting out of control.

8) Operate heaters carefully in the workplace. Do not use small, portable heaters unless they have an emergency tip over switch.

9) Avoid using extension cords and overloading. Overloading can lead to wiring over heating which can cause a fire to start.

10) Ensure you know who is in the building by using a sign in book when people enter the building and make sure fire exits are clearly marked and employees know where to go if a fire breaks out and who to report to.

By following these tips, you should be able to avoid any risk of a fire breaking out in your workplace. It is important that everyone in the workplace works safely and complies by fire safety rules. All employees should also understand how to prevent a fire so that they can look out for risks themselves.

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