Poster printing for business marketing

Poster printing for business

One of the main marketing tools available to businesses is posters, and these offer a cheap and effective way to advertise products and services, and also special events such as product launches, sales and other promotions. There are a plenty of printers that offer Print Hound Production House cheap printing services for those customers who already have a poster design ready to start printing straight away, but if you need to start your poster project from scratch then you will need to look for a service with call center management that can provide you with full pre-production features. Other considerations you may need to make include what type of paper and quality finish you need, as some of the cheaper services may not be able to offer you ‘museum quality’ printing if you need it.

Online vs. Offline

There are plenty of traditional offline printers to choose from, and typically these offer full services which can take you from the concept stage right through to printing, packaging and distribution. These tend to be quite expensive, but the main benefit is that you will be able to interact closely with the printers at every stage of your poster project, and all of the design and proof reading will be carried out for you. This means if there are any mistakes in the final product the printer will be responsible and you should be able to get your money back or have the print run again with amendments.

Online printers can also offer full printing services from concept through to distribution, but more commonly these days is a cheaper online option which allows the customer to take care of the concept and design stages themselves. This cuts down on costs for the customer, but does mean that they will be responsible for proof reading the poster and so if there are any mistakes the printer will not be obliged to provide a refund or print re-run.

Offset vs. Digital

There have been some great advances in printing technology, and digital printing allows much more flexibility when it comes to submitting designs and adjusting them to suit new parameters. With digital printing you can send the printers an electronic file with your poster design on or submit a design through their website. They can then print this for you very quickly, in some cases with 24hr and 48hr turnaround times. This fast form of digital printing is ideal if you have tight deadlines, but can be subject to pixilation and color bleeding, which can cause slight blurring on the text and images. Offset printing is slower and more expensive, but this method allows much more attention to detail and also offers additional features such as embossing and glittering. Offset printing is also less likely to blur than digital printing and can be used to print ‘museum quality’ posters.


When you choose a poster printing service you will need to double check they can offer you the materials, dimensions and quantities you require, and in general the bigger companies can offer the most adaptable printing capabilities. This is very important if you have any special materials or dimensions in mind, as some printers may not be able to offer you the scope of abilities you need.

Online store software with 1ShoppingCart

Online store software with 1ShoppingCart 1

Getting a store online has become a great vexation for many small and large scale retail stores to develop their service across the globe, but getting your store online becomes a intimidating task if you do not employ a specialised web developer, which may prove expensive. So here is a solution for people who do not prefer to spend a great deal of money on employing web developers. This online store software by 1ShoppingCart is a comprehensible solution for all your needs. It provides a complete eCommerce package that can help make and promote your business. New businesses and ones who are moving to an online user interface can benefit greatly from the numerous services put up.

The structure of the internet site is very easy to follow so that anyone can easily create an online shop through 1ShoppingCart. A wide assortment of templates are likewise accessible and so all of the sites they make look unique. The software system provides multiple images and product styles to be applied in the store. This is not only a immense time-saver but a great method to build products come alive to the viewer, resulting in higher sales. The store instantaneously updates as alterations are made and is obtainable on web browser and mobile views. This ascertains that everybody can discover and see the store right and accurately every time they log in.

Is talking to a robot really any less annoying than talking to a person?

Is talking to a robot really any less annoying than talking to a person? 2

When ringing up the customer services department of pretty much any company, you will often be left feeling like the label ‘customer service’ is some kind of ironic joke. Whether it is complaints about call drops, being put on hold or the dreaded clueless call centre worker, there is always something that allows people to moan about customer service. And the latest fad that is making people rage more than ever?

Talking to the robot.

Automated services are nothing new. Press 1 for one service and 2 for another is part and parcel of customer service calls nowadays. Yet nowadays it is almost impossible to skip the initial automated robot, leaving most people something more to moan about. Yet I think there is one important point that many people miss: is talking to a robot any less annoying than talking to a person?

Without automated services it is up to humans to direct you to the place you need to go and to the information you need. In the time before automated services, were we any less happy with customer service? People ring customer services when something is wrong: the experience is rarely satisfying. So I’m going to take the unpopular opinion, play Devil’s Advocate and ask ‘are robots as bad as we make them out to be?’. Here are some of the good things that automated services do for you that you maybe aren’t appreciating.

1. Robots eliminate human error and speeds up response.

We spend so much time talking about what robots do wrong when in reality if all interaction was human then there would be mistakes there too. It is just as often that an unhelpful person frustrates just as much as an annoying automated ‘press this button’ service. At least robots don’t have a sassy attitude.

In addition, automated services are often designed around frequently asked for services, meaning they are designed to be streamlined. Odds are you will get the department you need faster through an automated service than in the free-for-all of all human call centres.

2. Reduced costs are good for you too

Automated services cut down the costs of customer services for businesses dramatically, as people are directed to where they need to go quickly and easily. By employing less people and streamlining services, companies save money. While you might not be happy about companies getting rich on the back of annoying robots, you will be pleased to know that some of that benefit will be passed on to you to. Less operating costs often means a cheaper product. So the next time you see a slash in prices, you may want to thank the robot.

3. Voice control will get better

Perhaps the most raged against form of automated services are those that require you to literally talk to the robot. Voice control technology isn’t perfect: one muffled vowel or a particularly strong accent can leave you infuriated. So because of this, I’m not going to even try defend it, except to say it will get better. Voice control technology is growing (hello Siri!) and will probably be around for a long time. At least by rolling out prototypes now we are likely to get a better end product.

At the end of the day, customer service calls are rarely a rewarding experience. Automated services actually take some of the annoyance out of it by getting you where you need faster, pushing down hold times and improving the quality of service.


Is Talking To A Robot Really Any Less Annoying Than Talking To A Person? – by John Sz., on behalf of Capita Customer Management, a call centre outsourcing company in the UK.

Wise business owners invest in emergency diesel backup generators

Wise business owners invest in emergency diesel backup generators 3

Many business owners take their electrical power for granted, but there can be serious negative consequences that come about when grid failures occur. There are several reasons why wise business owners invest in emergency diesel backup generators.

Improved Productivity

Many businesses pay the majority of their employees by the hour, and they are responsible for compensating these people for their time even if the equipment that they need to do their job fails to work. In office environments, employees need to use computers and other sorts of electronic equipment to do their daily tasks. These people have to stop working when the power goes out if the business owner has not purchased a backup generator. Unfortunately, these employees still need to be paid for the time that they sit around waiting for the power to come back on. This can be particularly frustrating in areas where there are frequent problems with the electrical grid, and it can lead to a lot of lost revenue for a company.

The are also many cases when power outages can last for a very long time. A lighting strike or a tree falling on a main power line can cause entire regions to experience outages that can last for days or even weeks. Unfortunately, clients can often be less than forgiving when a company is unable to meet the deadlines that they have agreed to, and being without power for a significant period of time will lead to massive delays in any company’s workflow. However, business owners who purchase an emergency diesel backup generator never have problems with their power. Employees can continue on with their work right away, and clients will stay happy.

Improved Safety

Business owners are legally liable for accidents that occur when people are on the business’ property. When the electricity fails and the lights go out, accidents are much more likely to happen. Purchasing an emergency diesel backup generator is a smart idea for any business owner because it prevents accidents that they can be held legally liable for. This is a relatively small investment compared to the amount that they will have to pay for hospital bills if an employee or customer is injured because they bump into something in the dark during a power failure. Most importantly, business owners who purchase backup generators can rest assured knowing that they are able to provide a safe environment for everyone even when the electricity goes out.

Improved Security

It is very important for retail business owners to purchase an emergency diesel backup generator. Customers are known to steal items when the electricity goes out. It is impossible for loss prevention personnel to tell if people are putting things in their pockets in the dark, and electronic security systems do not work during power outages. Retail businesses that specialize in smaller, more expensive items are particularly vulnerable to theft during power failures. Luckily, business owners who purchase emergency diesel backup generators never have to worry about protecting their merchandise when the electricity stops flowing. These generators kick in automatically when the power goes out. Lights and security systems will start working again in a matter of seconds. With this, the amount that retail establishments may lose to theft during a single power outage can cover the price of purchasing a backup generator. 

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