Market Research Firms – How To Choose The Right One For You

As one of the largest cities in the UK, Manchester has become and important hub of business and commercial activity. The correct market research is important for both emerging and established companies. Although many businesses compete in national and global markets, many still need professional quality research that is focused on distinct local areas, such as the city they are based. Defining and focusing on the right market for your products or services is paramount when creating a successful business. Regardless of the size of your business, the right market research can be the difference between success or failure. For smaller companies who focus in a local area, a national campaign is useless, but research focused on the right localities can make a huge difference.

Profile your target market

 When launching a product or service, you need to know who it is aimed at. In profiling your target market, you can find out how large your potential customer-base might be, and what steps need to be taken to capture them. It’s no use having a product aimed at a certain type of person, when the locality you are doing business in contains very few who meet your profile. Researching the market thoroughly before expanding or moving into a new area is crucial. Otherwise, your product might not meet the needs and desires of the people you are trying to sell it to.

Create a marketing strategy and develop a marketing plan

When you’ve profiled your market, the next step is to put the data to good use. In creating a marketing strategy, you should focus on the findings in your research and develop a range of products and services that best suit the needs of your target market. It might be clear what sort of marketing would fail or succeed when aimed at a certain profile of potential customers. This is where you can use your target market profiling to come up with the best marketing strategy.

Monthly reports can provide clear and useful data

 Some market research analysts provide easy-to-read monthly reports to help analyze your market and keep up to date with any changes. Reports can focus on any major new trends while providing a snapshot of current market sizes. Other useful data can also be obtained, such as current consumer attitudes and purchasing habits, along with analysis and predictions of potential future trends.

Gain focused local information with the right research

Whilst the right market research can be regional, national or even international, it can play an important role for companies of any size. Local market research providers can give you direct analysis that is focused on your specific locality. Market research doesn’t just provide you with helpful data when entering a new market or launching a new product, but it continues to provide up-to-date and relevant information on many aspects of your business. Services can be continually monitored and measures can be put in place to analyze productivity and improve competitiveness.

Market Research Manchester – Even in today’s global market, localized research is essential for many firms. That’s why you need to choose the right market research solution depending on your specific goals and needs.

How E-mail Marketing Can Increase Conversions For Your Business

Is your business suffering from poor conversion rates that you know should be higher, but you just don’t know what to do about it? Have you considered e-mail marketing? It’s a very common medium of online communication, but a lot of businesses have yet to take advantage of this low cost and effective marketing channel.

How does e-mail marketing increase conversions

Some studies have shown that you are extremely unlikely to get a customer to buy something on their first visit to your website. In fact, it may take as many as 9 visits before they take out their bank card and actually buy something. This is why email marketing can increase conversions, because it allows for repeat communication with the customer. All you need to do is capture their e-mail and you have the access to advertise your services to them many times over.

You may be thinking, “but why does it take so many visit for a transaction?”. It’s a good question and there are a number of reasons such as too many distractions on the website or something happened offline which meant the computer needed to be turned off. Basically the quicker you capture your customer’s email the better it will be for your business.

It’s all about relationship building

The best marketing channels are the ones where you can build a relationship with your customers. Because once they trust you they will be more willing to buy from you and the conversions go up. You may be wondering how the process of relationship building actually works. Well, it’s really simple. You give them a bunch of very interesting and useful information upfront for free. This can be in the form of an e-book or video series. As you might have guessed e-mail marketing allows for this type of communication to occur.

Additionally, you may utilize e-mail marketing software to see what e-mail titles are working and which videos are getting viewed the most. This will allow you to further increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign and as a result your conversions will increase. These days e-mail marketing software can record a whole bunch of useful data. It’s only a matter of looking at the number and optimizing the campaign.

About the author: Sophia Myles is an email marketing specialist from Comm100 Email Marketing, who loves to discover, learn and share everything about Email Marketing with the world.

Analyzing The Pros And Cons Of Your Business Idea

After you have thought of an idea, the first important step is to evaluate your idea by hiring some market research firm to study it. These firms are true professionals and give you a clear and a neutral picture on the nature of your business. They study the demographics of the society where you are operating, who the main customers of your products are and related issues.

The next important phase in evaluating your business idea is to analyze your product from the eyes of your competition, partners and vendors. When working with firms on development of your brand, business management experts suggests viewing the ideas for business from four perspectives: company, competitor, customer and partner.

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