Wise business owners invest in emergency diesel backup generators

Wise business owners invest in emergency diesel backup generators 1

Many business owners take their electrical power for granted, but there can be serious negative consequences that come about when grid failures occur. There are several reasons why wise business owners invest in emergency diesel backup generators.

Improved Productivity

Many businesses pay the majority of their employees by the hour, and they are responsible for compensating these people for their time even if the equipment that they need to do their job fails to work. In office environments, employees need to use computers and other sorts of electronic equipment to do their daily tasks. These people have to stop working when the power goes out if the business owner has not purchased a backup generator. Unfortunately, these employees still need to be paid for the time that they sit around waiting for the power to come back on. This can be particularly frustrating in areas where there are frequent problems with the electrical grid, and it can lead to a lot of lost revenue for a company.

The are also many cases when power outages can last for a very long time. A lighting strike or a tree falling on a main power line can cause entire regions to experience outages that can last for days or even weeks. Unfortunately, clients can often be less than forgiving when a company is unable to meet the deadlines that they have agreed to, and being without power for a significant period of time will lead to massive delays in any company’s workflow. However, business owners who purchase an emergency diesel backup generator never have problems with their power. Employees can continue on with their work right away, and clients will stay happy.

Improved Safety

Business owners are legally liable for accidents that occur when people are on the business’ property. When the electricity fails and the lights go out, accidents are much more likely to happen. Purchasing an emergency diesel backup generator is a smart idea for any business owner because it prevents accidents that they can be held legally liable for. This is a relatively small investment compared to the amount that they will have to pay for hospital bills if an employee or customer is injured because they bump into something in the dark during a power failure. Most importantly, business owners who purchase backup generators can rest assured knowing that they are able to provide a safe environment for everyone even when the electricity goes out.

Improved Security

It is very important for retail business owners to purchase an emergency diesel backup generator. Customers are known to steal items when the electricity goes out. It is impossible for loss prevention personnel to tell if people are putting things in their pockets in the dark, and electronic security systems do not work during power outages. Retail businesses that specialize in smaller, more expensive items are particularly vulnerable to theft during power failures. Luckily, business owners who purchase emergency diesel backup generators never have to worry about protecting their merchandise when the electricity stops flowing. These generators kick in automatically when the power goes out. Lights and security systems will start working again in a matter of seconds. With this, the amount that retail establishments may lose to theft during a single power outage can cover the price of purchasing a backup generator. 

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What to change when you’ve failed umpteen interviews

What to change when you've failed umpteen interviews 2

Going for job interviews and being turned down can be highly disheartening and very stressful and tiring as well. When you send out lots of CVs and covering letters this is something that is not quite so bad – as at least you will be being turned down with little basis and without anyone having actually met you. However when you go for an interview and you get the rejection letter in the post it can feel like a personal slight, and when it keeps happening you can find yourself starting to wonder how you’re ever going to change your fortunes and find more success. What do you need to start doing differently, or stop doing altogether, in order to pass your next interview? Here we will look at some possible answers to that question.

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Specifics: There are certain specific things that you might be doing wrong time and time again which could jeopardize your hopes of employment. For instance if you are always coming across too insecure, or if you are failing to do your research regarding the company you’re interviewing for (a common mistake) then this can foil your hopes time and again. The best way to find out what this is is to simply write to your interviewer after you have been rejected and ask for some feedback – mostly this will be an honest feedback that can be very helpful from someone who knows what employers are looking for and if it correlates with what others are saying then you should stand up and take notice. However it is also important that you don’t give too much heed to what interviewers say in such feedback, as while they know what they are looking for different employers need different things in their staff. Sometimes it is possible to end up trying to change to please everyone and ending up very confused.

Your Attitude: If you are going into your interviews like a bag of nerves then this isn’t going to help you inspire others in your confidence. It’s very important then when you’re in an interview to learn to come across as relaxed and chilled out, and for that reason you need to change the way you think about the process. Remember that they aren’t your bosses yet – and that this is as much an opportunity for you to see if you like them as it is for them to see if they like you. Try to treat it this way like two people meeting and relax into it and you’ll be a lot less nervous about the whole thing.


The Type of Job: You also need to think hard about the kind of job you are going for and if you repeatedly are getting turned away and not clicking with the interviewer, then you might find that instead of changing yourself to suit the job, you instead need to change the job to suit you. Find the right job with like-minded people and suddenly you can find that actually you are perfectly suited and that you get the job right away.

About the author: Mark Little is an established career consultant who conducts seminars on options available in various career fields. He regularly updates openings related to electrician jobs in his blogs.