How to get the most out of your office computers

The way that managers and CEOs view their computers often doesn’t do justice to just how important they are to their businesses or just how much of an impact the right or wrong computers can have on their organization. The point is that in order to get the most out of your staff, you need to give them the very best computers to work with and if you don’t then you won’t be letting them do their job properly. In business terms computers are ‘force multipliers’ which means effectively that they are tools that can be used in order to amplify the work your staff do. A hammer is a force multiplier in that it means that the same amount of force creates a lot more power and pressure and thus allows you to drive a nail into some wood much more quickly than you could with your fist – and a computer works the exact same way.

If your computers are running slowly, or if they can’t run the latest software, or if they crash every now and then, then your staff are going to take anywhere up to twice as long to complete their projects while they waste time waiting for the site to load, working with defunct software or waiting for tech support to come and fix their problems. If you multiply this by the number of tasks they do in a day and the number of staff you probably have in your employ, then it becomes suddenly very apparent that this can waste a huge amount of money and that you could be getting a lot more profit out of the same number of staff and the same amount of time. It’s time to start making the most of your computers then and increasing your profits without increasing overheads.


The first and most important thing to do is to invest in the best software and the best hardware. This will ensure that the computers are more likely to function optimally and not to have any problems, and at the same time it will ensure that they can run the latest software as it comes out giving your staff the most possible creative control and the largest number of tools and features.  Finally, by investing in your computers you future proof your business meaning you don’t have to spend more money again later down the line in order to keep up with the competition.


It’s also worth teaching your staff to use the computers to the best of their ability and to maintain them and deal with problems. The more you empower your staff to deal with problems and to work more effectively, the less involvement the company will have to have and the more money you will save in the long run by avoiding problems.


It’s no good just calling in computer support every time your computers start going wrong – far better is to avoid them going wrong in the first place by carrying out routine maintenance and knowing how to treat them well. Invest both the time and the money to get them regularly serviced and to run virus checks regularly.


It’s no good having the latest computers and the best possible set up if it isn’t tailored specifically to the needs of your staff and your business. On a large scale this means making sure that you not only by the right machines for the job, but also that you tailor make your own software that can help to automate and  speed up the daily tasks that they do. On a more intimate basis this means listening to your staff and ensuring they are able to work in the way that best suits them and that they are used to – which may mean having multiple monitors or might mean having a different seat.

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The new Microsoft – A look at Microsoft’s new image and marketing strategy

Microsoft is a company that has been around for a long time, and thanks to Windows and DOS it has spent a lot of this time at the top of its game. However for the first time in the company’s life it is starting to see real competition and to really risk losing that lead. First Microsoft was hit with a market monopoly lawsuit, and then it failed to get on the Tablet and Smartphone gravy in train in time. Chrome has now overtaken Internet Explorer as the number one browser most people are using, and in general people are relying less and less on Microsoft products.

In such situations there is one simple rule: adapt or die. Being a smart organization though Microsoft is of course aware of this and are busy doing the former. In fact Microsoft are very much poised to being a new era and have fundamentally altered not only their image and marketing but also many of their key products. And there are many business lessons to be learned here, here we will look at what some of those are.

The Metro Look

Microsoft has clearly realized (arguably a bit late) that touch interfaces and tablets are the new ‘big thing’ and have decided to embrace this with a Windows 8 that is very much made with touch in mind. Here though Microsoft have had to walk a fine line between emulating Android and iOS and keeping their own identity.

This is clearly something they have attempted to accomplish with their new ‘Metro’ style which has a number of very specific design specifications to set it apart. It’s all about making the content shine by removing the ‘chrome’ (borders, menus and scrollbars). Slight changes in color and font reflect hierarchies and categories in content so that they don’t need to be explicitly but into different boxes.

The panels on their new Metro homepage (and on the Windows 7 mobile homepage) reflect this and use the same minimalistic approach and they have even decided to tie this into their new logo which reflects the windows logo and the new tiled aesthetic with the same minimalistic feel. Whether you like it or not, this could be considered a masterclass in creating a unique brand, and a distinct look and feel for your products and business.

Their USP

At the same time though Microsoft have not forgotten their USP. For Microsoft the advantage was always productivity and their Office suit has long been a big selling point. Rather than ignoring this though, Microsoft has made it an integral part of their new product still in an attempt to offer the best of old and new. Their new OS still includes a desktop for those that want it, while the Metro mode also allows for split-screen multitasking and the use of a mouse and keyboard.

windows pisstake tm

They’ve also extended this to the hardware with their new Surface tablets – and their Surface Pro not only has a keyboard, full-sized USB port and SD slot, but also an Intel processor and the ability to run all of your old Windows 7 software. This is crucial – moving forward without forgetting the past. That said there are many factors that will influence their eventual success or failure, so watch this space.

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Ways you could use keywords properly in Search Engine Optimization

To increase the traffic flow to your website, you can use something called search engine optimization in order to ensure that the searches that potential visitors make result in your website being in one of the first pages of the search results. There are a number of ways that you can do this, but it is advisory that you try it in order for you to increase the traffic that comes to your website.

When writing the content for your website, you can include all the keywords that will get your site noticed. There are times. However, when it is not possible for you to include all the terms in the body of your content that may be searched for by web search users. If your website is not very well known, it will quickly fall to the bottom of the search results, because those bigger businesses who have a strong online web presence will remain popular due to their names. To help a smaller business to improve their position in search engines, you should apply search keywords to your page.

To use the keywords properly, you should try to avoid copying the keywords from competing sites. If everyone uses the same keywords, then you will not have much chance of competing with the other sites. You should try to choose keywords or phrases that are quite unique and that would not usually yield results if people would put those terms in.
Try to keep your number of keywords to about 4 per page or so, otherwise the search engine can alter your position for themselves as they have harsh restrictions for sites that are too greedy with keywords. Try to stick to useful keywords that are meaningful to the content of your page, and you will notice that the traffic will quickly increase to your website.