The importance of having California auto insurance

The penalties for driving without insurance in the state of California are harsh. If you are caught driving without insurance, you will be given a citation with a stiff fine. In addition, if you had insurance and the policy has lapsed, the insurance company will notify the Department of Motor Vehicles, and your registration will be suspended. It will cost money to have the registration reinstated, and this is true even if you are not pulled over by the police.

What’s even worse is getting into an accident without having insurance. Your driver’s license can be suspended for up to four years, and once the time comes to get a new driver’s license, the insurance will be expensive. Continue reading “The importance of having California auto insurance”

A $12.5 million-dollar question: Does Burger King love doughnuts?

One of America’s premier burger chains and Canada’s coffee and doughnuts powerhouse have decided to merge and become the third-largest fast-food franchise in the world. In August 2014, Burger King and Tim Hortons decided on a deal worth an estimated $14 million Canadian dollars, which was roughly $12.5 million U.S. Burger King went into the deal with its stock valued at about half that of Tim Hortons’, but the officers of both companies see a tremendous upside to the merger. Continue reading “A $12.5 million-dollar question: Does Burger King love doughnuts?”

How to buy a successful franchise

When it comes to some of the most recognizable businesses in the world, many of the top companies are owned by successful franchisees. Cold Stone Creamery, Subway, McDonalds, Home Hardware and many others license the use of their names and brand identities to small business owners who are willing to pay a few dollars in order to take advantage of owning a business that has already been established. However, owning a franchise is significantly different than starting a business from scratch.

While there are many benefits to running a business that comes with a pre-established customer base and a step by step operation manual, there are also a number of obligations that a franchisee must meet. In order to ensure that your franchise business has the best possible chance of success, there are a few things that you should do before you sign on the bottom line. Continue reading “How to buy a successful franchise”

Five charities for cats and cat lovers

The love and attention that you give your cat creates a special bond. Over time, cat lovers learn how to understand their feline friends and enjoy spending time with them as much as dog lovers enjoy the company of their canines.

Unfortunately, not all cats get this love from humans. There are many unwanted, abandoned, neglected and feral cats out there in need of care and places to live. Humans who love cats have established many charities with the goal of giving these cats what they need to have healthy, happy lives whether in a permanent home, at a special facility or as part of a feral colony well cared for by humans who understand the specific needs of each kind of cat. Continue reading “Five charities for cats and cat lovers”