Simple steps to an elegant business letter

Simple steps to an elegant business letter 1

In the present era of email and internet, the art of letter writing is getting lost in the huge ocean of the assisted living software net. The biggest one to lose out is the formal business letter. Though writing business letter have been thought in schools no one actually makes use of them. There is a tendency to think that the often arbitrary rules of letter writing don’t matter, as long as the recipient of your letter can figure out the message. This could throw you in bad light. Let’s look at some of the basics of business letter writing.

Basic business letter structure:

Though the rules are simple, by putting them together can create a sense of clarity. When business letter follows the principles, the recipient need not struggle to see where a part of info might be, the action that needs to be taken, who has send it etc. — All the necessary stuffs can be found in its right place.

For the complete letter, the following elements are present:

Address and date: (Top right side corner) this was important once upon a time, in case the letter comes out of the envelope. However this does not happen much nowadays. The reader can quickly spot the address and the date of the letter.

To address of receiver: (LHS, single line below the return address) this names the recipient of the letter. In online marketing local business offices, letters are often taken out from their envelopes and distributed; this greatly helps the letter to its true recipient.

Salutation: (to be kept 2 lines under the receiver’s address) the person who the letter is addressed for. Avert “Dear Sir/Madam” and particularly “To Whom it May Concern” unless utterly important. By failing to mention the direct name to the correct recipient means you don’t care who goes through it. This may prevent the letter from making way to the intended person.

Body of the business letter: The body of the business letter has 3 parts: an introduction that explains yourself and the intention of the letter, a middle part that holds the information and makes the reader to act and finally, a closing that asks the recipient the action that is expected of him.

Getting free business cards

Getting free business cards 2

If you are running a small business then you may not have the resources in place to afford professionally printed business cards, but there are a number of options available for free business cards. If you have access to the Internet then there are a number of websites online that can offer you free business card templates. These are useful tools as they give you the basic layout from which you can start designing professional looking business cards. Some free business card templates can offer you with colored backgrounds, images and artwork that make it quick and easy just to add your own business details and get printing straight away, but these may not be suitable for those who are looking for very individual and eye-catching designs.

You can design business cards from free templates in a number of different formats including Photoshop, PDF, Illustrator, JPEG and Word, and some websites also provide free browser based services so that you can design online and then download the completed business cards for printing.
This website can offer free printable business card templates, and it is easy to search through the different basic designs on offer as they are organized by type or industry. Templates are offered in a high quality format, CMYK JPEG, and there are plenty of useable designs that will be suitable for a wide range of business. It is easy to edit the free templates from and with most cards you simply type your own contact information and logo into the placeholder text boxes. There is also a choice of plain basic card templates and those with background colors and artwork.

Microsoft Office Online
Microsoft Office Online can offer a number of free business card templates in a whole range of different styles and designs. Single card and multi-card page print layouts are provided, as well as options for single or double sided printing and you can choose from templates with color and artwork or just plain backgrounds. You will need to check that the templates are compatible with the Windows operating system you are using on your system.

Business Card Land
If you want to use the versatile features in Illustrator or Photoshop, then Business Card Land offers free templates compatible with these formats, with single cars and multi-card printing layouts available.

HP Business Card Templates
The HP gallery offers a dozen free business card templates for Microsoft Word. These are easily to download to your desktop, and then you can customize them and start printing out. Horizontal and vertical layouts are offered.

Google Docs Templates
Google Docs can offer several different basic business card templates and these are free and are easy to personalize with your own contact details.
This website offers ten monochrome business templates, which are compatible with Microsoft Word and CorelDRAW applications. These free templates offer basic design with simple graphics. offer a number of attractive, basic free business card templates which can be easily customized in Photoshop format.

Balancing cost and quality for business printing

Balancing cost and quality for business printing 3

When you are planning your budget for your business stationary you will need to balance cost and quality carefully. Businesses of all sizes may find it difficult allocating large funds towards business stationary and so will be on the look out for cheap printing services and good deals. However it is also important that your business stationary is professional and eye-catching and so the quality of the printing is also an important issue.

Balancing cost and quality is a difficult task and you will need to do your research to ensure that you can meet the demands of both your budget and your business stationary needs.


Once you have submitted your design to your printers you will not really know how it will turn out until you receive the finished product. This is why it is important to request samples of previous work and ask for recommendations, as this will help you determine whether or not the finished product will be to the standard you require. Samples provide you with a way to check the quality of the finish print and help you to understand which materials and print techniques will be suitable for both your budget and your business requirements.

You do need to check with the printer before you place your order whether they can meet the capacity of printing you are requesting. This is particularly important for large, bulk mail outs and stationary which will need ongoing re-prints. You may get some good discounts for bulk and re-print orders as this will bring a lot of work to the printer you are using.

Turnaround Time

You can save money by ordering your business stationary well in advance. You will pay more in most cases if you need your printing job turned around quickly, so it is best to allow plenty of time.


Print material can have a significant impact on the quality and costs of your order. By opting for standard print inks and papers (such as 130gsm) you can save money as the printer can include your job as part of a larger bulk print-run. If you want unusual materials or finishes then the printer may have to run your print as a bespoke order and this will cost much more.

When you are ordering your business stationary you do need to consider a number of factors which can affect the cost and quality of the job. By researching the various materials and print techniques available you can save money and still ensure that the quality of your printing is to your requirements.