Tracking with a GPS system

Trailing assets is big business enterprise for a company centered on maintaining a profitable bottom line. Prior to investing in a GPS tracking systems for equipment, trailers, and containers, it is vital to confirm that the unit can gratify and meet one’s requisites. Global Positioning System tracking of assets provides greater protection and assurance in protecting assets such as equipment, containers, trailers and a lot more. Track What Matters announced their new advanced GPS asset tracking device recently, which can for certain help their clients to track their assets With the Track What Matters asset tracker, managers can get on-demand live web-based reporting ensuring that vehicle tracking of trailers, trucks, container shipments, and equipment are exactly wherever they are intended to be.

From a business point of view, it is very clear how the services provided by Track What Matters can add towards the bottommost line. But do not be duped by only the business vantages of this service. Families can understandably benefit from some of the products being offered by Track What Matters as well. Consider the GPS tracking devices they are offering, among which is called the Portable Tracking Device. Small, indiscrete and battery battery-powered, this unit can simply be placed in your car without anyone knowing what or where it is. You would then be able to supervise how fast anybody who uses the car has been driving and where exactly they have been in almost veridical time, and all these from the comfortableness of your home. Date and time synchronised reports can also be viewed online or printed.

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  1. I need to get a 12V+ constant, 12V+ ignition and ground. How can I remove the ignition tumbler to get access to these wires?

  2. Does anyone have any experience, which are the latest after-market vehicle theft recovery (tracking) systems that also get good reception and work on a convertible? The mounting of the antenna is particularly problematic on older (classic Mercedes) convertibles because the steel dash shields the antenna and other locations, either don’t provide enough space or create other problems.

    I would like to be able to not only track the car on-line, but also by calling in to check for its current location (for instance, when I am parked in a parking garage in the mall, etc.

    I am not interested in LoJack or Teletrac as they do not work well. Also, I would like to be able to track the car myself via internet.

    My main problems with the past systems that I have used is that they often did not work, especially when the car is near an airport, inside a garage or in other “dead zones”.


  3. Ok I lost my iPhone 4 and a Blackberry torch in a park while my friend (BB-torch) and me (iPhone4) were in a soccer league and we left the backpack with our trainers wife because she was selling stuffs, so we had a friend that had his backpack beside us and we think he stole it so we went to his house, we talked him and he didn’t wanted to speak up so I want to track my iPhone 4 because my iPhone 4 has a GPS track… right? so if anything please tell me because I can´t accuse someone of 13years old without any evidence… so can my iPhone 4 be tracked or the BB torch? PLEASE NEED URGENT HELP!! Thanks in advance!!
    Can the company track them? my company is Claro in Panama PLEASE HELP!!!

  4. My dad owns a used car dealership. He recently purchased a GPS tracking device off Ebay relatively cheap. The intent is to install GPS systems in the more expensive cars we sell so that if people skip town or move we have a way to locate the car for repossession. My question is how do units like this work? From my understanding you have to buy a SIM card and install it in this thing. Then from there you can send a SMS text message to the SIM card and it will respond with Latitude and Longitude of the unit.

    Neither one of us really understand completely how this works. Where we could get our hands on a SIM card or if there is a way to get one without a monthly fee or anything like that.

    Also is there a GPS tracking unit we could buy that wouldn’t need a SIM card that we could just track online or something? We don’t really need anything fancy and would prefer something with no monthly fee. It’s likely that we’d never have to use it but if someone takes off with a $10,000 car we’d like to be able to track it down.

    Any suggestions?

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